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“If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with him two”

For an easier understanding, first we need to change our mindset on how we work, such as:

  • Knowing our position and our main tasks. Know what we need to do every day. We can start by creating our personal work schedule based on work priorities and urgency.
  • What is our goal in the company we work for? What is the purpose of every task we do? 
  • To achieve personal goals, we need to give our best in making the job done. It means, do not work only based on the brief. We have to provide our insight on what is best to do.
  • Make sure you finish the job before due date. If you have finished the task, report it immediately. This will give you some time to correct some mistake in your tasks. But remember, try to avoid revision and give your best.

After you’ve done that, avoid negative thoughts, such as:

  • "Sprint gue kan cuma 10, tugas tambahan masuk sprint berikutnya aja deh". We need to be flexible. We do not do tasks only when it is written on Sprint.
  • "Duhh.. bukan tugas gue". When our leader gives us tasks, it means they believe that we can do it correctly. That should make us feel challenged to study harder and do our best.
  • "Kayaknya kurang bagus deh, tapi ini yang diminta. Udahlah nanti juga revisi lagi". Go extra miles.
  • "Enak yaa dia tugasnya gak banyak, gaperlu lembur". Do not compare someone’s work to others. Every person on the team have their own ability and expertise.

In dealing with clients, we have to keep trying to focus on giving our best of ability and insights by understanding client’s needs and advices..


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